Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

CGX Energy Inc. is committed to the highest standards of Corporate Governance. CGX’s corporate governance is designed to ensure transparency and accountability.

In accordance with its mandate, the Board of Directors of CGX Energy Inc. meets at least four times annually, and more frequently as required.

The Board of Directors of CGX Energy Inc. delegates certain responsibilities to the following standing committees:

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee assists the Board of Directors with oversight of the integrity of the Company’s financial statements and related financial information. The Audit Committee is mandated to monitor audit functions, the preparation of financial statements, review press releases on financial results, review other regulatory documents as required, and meet with outside auditors independently of management, if needed.

Corporate Governance, Nominating and Social Responsibility Committee

The Corporate Governance, Nominating and Social Responsibility Committee assists the Board by providing it with recommendations relating to corporate governance in general, including, without limitation: (a) all matters relating to the stewardship role of the Board in respect of the management of the Company, (b) Board size and composition, including the candidate selection process and the orientation of new members, (c) Board compensation, and (d) such procedures as may be necessary to allow the Board to function independently of management. The committee also oversees compliance with policies associated with an efficient and effective system of corporate governance. They assist the Board in carrying out the Company’s corporate policies, and is responsible for advising the Board, committees of the Board and executive management on such matters.