Compliance Hotline

CGX Energy, Inc. does not tolerate illegal or unethical behavior, including fraud, criminal acts, security and regulatory violations, manipulation of accounting records and violations of accounting policies, internal controls, disclosure controls, auditing matters, the Corporation's code of business conduct and ethics (the "Code") and other policies of the Corporation. In accordance with our corporate policy, we have established an anonymous reporting program to submit any actions that directly violate our Code of Conduct and Ethics.

Any person who in good faith makes, either directly or anonymously, a report shall not suffer harassment or retaliation from the Corporation. This Policy is intended to encourage and enable individuals to directly raise serious concerns with the Corporation rather than seeking resolution outside the Corporation.

An Ethical Workplace Starts with You!

Report your Issues and Concerns Anonymously online now at: SAFEHOTLINE.COM

Or, by calling toll-free: 1(855) 662-SAFE (1-855-662-7233) CGX Company ID Number is: (828) 852-7238