Management Team

Suresh Narine - HD

Dr. Suresh Narine

Executive Chairman

Professor Suresh Narine, named in 2011 as one of Canada’s Top 40 Under 40 Leaders, is originally from Guyana. He has been a Director on the CGX board since 2012, serving variously as Co-Chairman, Executive Chairman and Executive Director (Guyana) since 2013.

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Daniel Sanchez - HD

Daniel Sanchez

Chief Financial Officer

Daniel Sanchez is an accounting professional with more than 18 years of experience in accounting and financial activities, including extensive experience in consolidation of financial statements under International Financial Reporting Standards and financial reporting to the Toronto Stock Exchange in Canada, and has expert knowledge in audit processes, internal control, accounting systems and business process analysis. 

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Michael P. Stockinger

Vice President of Operations

Michael Stockinger has over 40 years of E&P drilling operations experience. Mr. Stockinger has held various senior level positions at large oil and gas companies including Anadarko Petroleum, Kerr-McGee and ConocoPhillips.

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thumbnail_Todd Durkee

Todd Durkee

Vice President of Development

Todd Durkee has over 33 years of E&P drilling and operations experience. Mr. Durkee has held various senior level positions at large oil and gas companies including Anadarko Petroleum and Kerr-McGee.

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Paul Langlois

Exploration Manager

Paul Langlois has over 18 years of exploration and development experience across multiple basins including North America, Gulf of Mexico, Middle East, Africa, Europe, and South Asia. Mr. Langlois has held various senior level positions at Unocal, Chevron, Cobalt, and Tiburon. He was responsible for numerous international geological assessments and field developments.

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Tarachandra Khelawan

Country Manager

Tarachandra Khelawan has over 35 years of experience in management and administration. Prior to becoming Country Manager in August 2013, Mr. Khelawan was the Administrative Manager from August 2010. He is a retired Senior Executive of Demerara Distillers Ltd Group of Companies, from November,

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